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This program aims to help you boost your torrent downloads on Bittorrent. A very interesting feature, especially for users with a bad bandwidth, isn't it? There are also some more interesting features that you could appreciate: You can automatically clean corrupted and finished files (which allows you to avoid having a huge list of downloads in Bittorrent), specify when to check the tracker for new seeds, and last but not least: you can automatically resume paused downloads. The interface is sleek, you can find any piece of information you need in this window, with no need to open other window to check whatever you need to check (status, duration, bandwidth etc.).
If you open the context menu of tray icon, you get various options: Enable Auto Resume Downloads, enable Run at Startup. If you care about current safety on torrents, you can click on "Concerned about SAFETY?" that will open a page in your Internet browser showing the latest torrent threats. There are other links pointing to different websites: one to buy a VPN, another one to get 10$ of free credit on eMusic and the latest will redirect you on UseNeXt.
In my tests, without the booster, I had the following speed to download Ubuntu 11.10: 1.42mo/sec -> 8mins. With the booster, not much changed because I got 1.47mo/sec -> 7mins. Well, this could be just an accident. Then I tested on the same download consequently enabling and disabling the booster and saw no change: sometimes, when I activated the booster, the speed decreased, sometimes the speed increased but without the booster, I observed the same scenario. Bottom-line: This program doesn't do its main job correctly as I saw no speed improvements. There are, however, some interesting features that could be useful for specific needs. So, unless you need the extra features, don't download this as it is not likely to boost your Bittorrent downloads as it is supposed to do.

John Static
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