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Improve your downloads using BitTorrent with an improved Internet bandwidth
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Webspeeders offer peer-to-peer protocol users a wide range of plug-ins to accelerate their downloads, each of them linked to one of the various torrent-based applications out there. BitTorrent Turbo Accelerator is Webspeeders’ plug-in designed specifically for BitTorrent, one of the oldest downloaders built to make use of the P2P protocol.

What this acceleration utility basically does is to maximize the number of connections (among all seeds available) from where you can download the desired file or set of files, as well as to manage your Internet bandwidth more efficiently in order to improve the overall download speed.

Whatever magic it does, it all happens in the background. The program itself is but a tiny interface where you can choose the Network Interface, the time for the check period, and the number of downloads to accelerate. Of course, it also includes a big on/off button to turn on and off the acceleration process. You’re also offered statistics about the bytes sent and received, the status, the duration of the acceleration process, etc.

Additionally, if you right-click on the program’s icon on the status bar you’ll find options to resume interrupted or paused downloads, to wipe out any incomplete or corrupted file, and information about what the program does.

As a plug-in, there isn’t much more to add to its functionality, as the bulk of the hard work is still performed by the downloader itself, i.e. BitTorrent, which you need to have installed on your system to make BitTorrent Turbo Accelerator work. I guess that the level of efficiency that this plug-in can achieve will largely depend on your computer and, most of all, your ISP and Internet connection. However, if you happen to be a BitTorrent user and this being a completely free tool, I see no harm in downloading and trying it for some time – you might well be pleasantly surprised.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Resumes paused or broken downloads
  • Removes all incomplete files


  • Does not provide enough information to check its efficiency
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